Hungary building second border fence to keep out refugees

  • Liis Einstein
  • 5.3.2017 09:49

The Hungarian government announced on 27 February that the country began building a second border fence on the southern border with Serbia to restrain migrant flows.

The Prime Minister Office said that construction of the fence will be finished by the end of spring. The government has already built a border fence on its border with Serbia and Croatia in 2015 and maintains strong security control and regular patrols in their border area. In January police stopped and returned 1,367 persons back to the border area where they need to apply for asylum. Only 10 applicants a day are accepted and nearly 7,000 asylum seekers are stuck in Serbia. Hungarian officials predict that migrant flow will increase in 2017. According to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, accepting or rejecting migrants is a matter of national sovereignty and European Union borders must be protected. Hungarian conservative ruling party Fidesz has been criticised by EU officials for its rigid positions in migration.

About author: Liis Einstein


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