Hungary prioritizes Air Force modernization

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 18.8.2017 09:32

Hungarian Chief of the General Staff Tibor Benkő informed on 15 August that the country will prioritize the modernization of the Air Force since it is technologically obsolete and insufficiently equipped.

The modernization includes an acquisition of additional light training and reconaissance planes from the Zlín Aircraft company, from whom Hungary already recieved the first four crafts, which replaced obsolete Soviet Jak-52s, in January 2017. Moreover, complete overhaul and modernization of Mi-17 utility helicopters and Mi-24 battle helicopters is planned. Hungary, just as the Czech Republic, plans to acquire new utility helicopters and purchase new radar systems and training aircraft suitable for JAS-39 Gripen pilots' training. In the case of the Gripen fighters, there is potential for Czech-Hungarian cooperation in terms of sharing technologies connected to the use and modernization of this aircraft, however, neither of the countries made a significant effort in this matter. The Czech Republic plans to add ground strike capability to its Gripens, which has so far not been possible due to the construction and technology details of the used crafts. Slovakia also considers an acquisition of Gripen fighters to replace its aging MiG-29UBS.

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