Mock cyber attacks to test security of Dutch banks

  • Roman Šulc
  • 17.11.2017 17:49

Local press informed last week that the Central Bank of Netherlands (DNB) is continuing the initiative to have mock cyber attacks by hired hackers test the country's financial infrastructure.

The programme, known as Tiber, serves to test and improve the cyber defence of Dutch financial institutions such as banks, joint-stock companies and clearing houses. Tiber has further advanced with the publication of a manual which helps the financial institutions to organise the hacks themselves. In the scenario, the "Red Team" attacks under the DNB's supervision, while only a small group of experts (the "white team") is informed about the attack. The rest of the staff (the "blue team") then have to face the crisis without knowing that it is merely an exercise. The Tiber project should also focus on simulating well-known cyber attack scenarios and sharing of the results within the financial sector. Tiber is inspired by a similar initiative, CBEST, by the Bank of England. Following the Netherlands, the European Central Bank in Frankfurt plans to set up a similar project.

About author: Roman Šulc


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