Greece wants to strengthen the position of ENISA

  • Roman Šulc
  • 30.8.2017 07:54

In the run-up to the legal overhaul of the European Network and Information Security Agency's (ENISA) position, scheduled for September 2017, Greece intends to propose to the European Commission that the Agency should get a budget increase and more powers. According to a statement by the Secretary General for Communications at the Greek Ministry of Digital Policy, Vassilis Maglaras, from 25 August, the Athens-based organization should have a stronger role in European cyber security. Maglaras stressed that the institution's budget, currently 11 million euro annually, and manpower are far from sufficient.

Maglaras's position echoes ENISA's effort to establish itself among other entities with a similar mandate, including European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), European Defence Agency (EDA), and CERT-EU. Last month, ENISA turned to the European Commission with a comprehensive proposal presenting the modifications to the forthcoming cyber-certification program and related security policy. The above-mentioned changes include strengthening cooperation across both civil and military spheres and greater centralization, including the concept of a cyber security standards coordination body. ENISA is bidding to become a cyber security hub, offering cross-community support services, and thus, according to its own estimates, reducing fragmentation and duplicity between national authorities and other relevant actors.

About author: Roman Šulc


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