UK to continue security commitments in Scandinavia and Baltic after Brexit

  • Michaela Ceklová
  • 8.9.2017 17:41

British Secretary of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson confirmed on 4 September that Britain will continue to meet its security commitments to Nordic and Baltic States after Brexit.

During negotiations with representatives of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden and two non-EU states, Iceland and Norway, Johnson confirmed that Brexit will not affect any security and defence commitments to the participating states. In addition, he opened up the question of deeper defence cooperation in the region due to Russian antagonism. The United Kingdom strictly separates Brexit from the obligations arising from its membership in the Alliance, so the meeting was of an informative character. Scandinavia, as well as Baltic states, is afraid of the forthcoming Russian exercise Zapad 2017, and Sweden, therefore, increased cooperation with Denmark in the fight against Russian cyber threats and disinformation campaigns in early September, while Finland is increasing its defense capabilities. Another possible reason for a mutual understanding between the UK and Scandinavian states is a certain degree of hesitation against the plan to create a common European army.

About author: Michaela Ceklová


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