Germany and France call for extending of Ukraine ceasefire

On Wednesday 28 June, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel called for both sides of the Ukraine conflict to prolong the ceasefire which had taken place in the east of Ukraine due to the ongoing harvests. On Monday, 26 June, French President Emmanuel Macron also referred to the Minsk accords as essential for negotiating an end to the Ukraine conflict and called for their full implementation.

Minister Gabriel also further stressed the importance of the 2015 Minsk accords and confirmed Germany's willingness to provide funding to improve the living conditions for the Donbas region if the ceasefire can be maintained. Macron further stressed the need for the situation to be monitored more intensively by the OSCE. The conflict, which has claimed 10,000 casualties over the past three years, led to a gradual worsening of relations between Russia and NATO. One of its results was the strengthening of the military presence on the NATO’s eastern flank by the so-called combat groups.

About author: Jonáš Vlk


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