Germany expresses concerns about Russian missiles in Kaliningrad

  • Liis Einstein
  • 10.3.2017 10:34

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told Russian news agency Interfax on 8 March that the permanent station of nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad is a great concern to European security.

Russia moved its S-400 air missile defense system and nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to Kaliningrad on October 2016 as a part of routine training. The action considered as a military response for NATO's deployment in Eastern Europe. Germany observes the potential permanent deployment of the systems in Kaliningrad closely because of its capacity to reach its capital Berlin. The missile system Iskander-M with extent to 700 km threatens also Poland and Baltic States. The concern about Russian missiles in Kaliningrad was addressed also by U.S State Department spokesman John Kirby in November considered as destabilizing European security. On his visit to Moscow on 9 March, Gabriel warned about the danger of a new arms race spiral with Russia. Gabriel calls for conventional disarmament while meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Moscow.

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