Germany favours European Typhoons before US F-35

  • Jakub Maděránek
  • 10.3.2018 15:29

On Wednesday 28 February, the German defence ministry said it would prioritise the Eurofighter Typhoon jets before the US F-35s to continue with already well-proven technology, as Eurofighter is the largest component of the German Air Force. The purchase of new aircraft is necessary to replace 85 ageing Tornado jets. The acquisition has to be approved by the government during the next two years to obtain new fighters by 2025.

However, the F-35 fifth-generation fighter is preferred by the German Air Force because, according to its chief Georg Muellner, it meets the required parameters such as stealth technology or the ability to strike targets from a great distance. By purchasing a European combat aircraft, Germany would contribute to the development of European defence capabilities and deepen the already-established cooperation with the states such as France in the field of military technology development. However, another problem lies with NATO and its shared use of tactical nuclear weapons, which are a key part of the Alliance's deterrence strategy. Some of the Tornado aircraft were capable of carrying B61 gravity bombs, which are the only component of NATO’s tactical nuclear inventory, and part of which is stored in Germany. Full replacement by Eurofighters, which do not yet have this capability, could jeopardise NATO's nuclear deterrent.

About author: Jakub Maděránek


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