Germany considers withdrawing its soldiers from Turkey

On 15 May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Berlin is considering withdrawing its soldiers from Turkey after Ankara refused to grant the German parliament permission to visit staff serving on a Turkish air base Incirlik.

Incirlik is an airbase located in south-eastern Turkey currently used for operations against the Islamic state, and more than 250 German soldiers are stationed there. Although Merkel said that Germany will continue talks with Turkey, at the same time they are looking for alternatives to Incirlik, one of them being Jordan. Turkey also refused to allow German lawmakers to visit the base last summer, but the visit eventually went ahead. However, since then relations between Germany and Turkey got even more tense, especially due to the referendum which dramatically increases the power of Turkey's president Erdoğan, who, among others, accused Berlin of "Nazi-like" tactics. Turkey issued the refusal of visit over last weekend and suggested the reason was linked to Germany's decision to grant asylum to Turkish soldiers accused by Ankara of participating in last year's failed coup.

About author: Tomáš Krajňák


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