German anti-terror unit in Berlin expands

  • Daniela Tkadlečková
  • 17.1.2018 10:10

The elite Border Protection Group 9 (GSG-9) will expand its activities in Berlin, as the threat of attacks in the capital has increased, according to statements made by the unit's commander Jerome Fuchs on 15 January. The decision to expand the current GSG-9 unit and establish a second special squad in Berlin comes more than a year after the attack by Islamist Anis Amri, who ploughed a truck through a Christmas market in December 2016, killing 12 people.

The incident, as well as similar ones in other European capitals, forced German police to re-think their reaction capabilities and strengthen the personal capacities of its anti-terrorist unit. Germany's measures, criticised by some as much delayed, will focus on the prevention of extremism in the first place as the country shows its vigilant attitude towards the risks posed by Islamist radicals. While the deployment of a new unit may take up more years, the government is already concerned with tackling radicalisation risks within society. In the past, authorities recorded high numbers of individuals travelling to war zones whose return to Europe, following the Islamic State's defeat, poses a threat. Germany's efforts to prevent radicalisation go hand-in-hand with other repressive measures taken since 2016.

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