French-Italian disputes could complicate cooperation on migration

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 5.9.2017 14:10

According to a report from Thursday 31 August, French-Italian disputes over the ownership of major shipyards and the situation in Libya complicate the joint efforts of European states to manage the influx of migrants to Europe.

At the Paris Summit on 28 August, France, Germany, Italy and Spain discussed the joint deployment of soldiers to oversee the construction and operation of resettlement camps, but several disputes between France and Italy hinder the implementation of this plan. France, in response to a planned purchase of key STX shipyards by Italian company Fincantieri, temporarily nationalized the shipyards to prevent this move. Another obstacle is the fact that Italy believes France is partly responsible for the destabilization of Libya, as France conducted the initial aerial bombardment of Libyan government‘s positions which resulted in the subsequent overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi and initiated the political breakdown of the country. Whether the two countries are able to resolve their mutual disagreements might be seen at the forthcoming French-Italian summit on 28 September.

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