France and Germany unveil plans for development of new fighter aircraft

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 17.7.2017 09:50

German and French officials announced their intention to jointly develop a new fighter aircraft after a cabinet meeting on 13 July in the Élysée Palace. This project aims to strengthen mutual relations and to improve defence cooperation.

The plan should also develop broader cooperation inside the European defence industry, as it has the potential to follow successful projects such as the Eurofighter, French Rafale or Swedish Gripen jets. Some experts consider this step a projection of disagreement with Brexit since British BAE Systems is not included in the plan and was likely not even contacted. According to French president Macron, the European defence industry is fragmented and inefficient because of different standards and duplicities during development and acquisition processes, which have to be removed. One of the disadvantages of international defence projects is the need to harmonise multiple goals, needs and requirements which can easily cause delays or overpricing. Detailed framework for the plan will be presented in mid-2018. The benefits of joint defence cooperation for the reinforcement of Europe's defence capabilities are also seen by other states, such as Poland, which plans a joint project with Ukraine.

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