France to boost defence research spendings

  • Mihai Turcanu
  • 29.1.2018 11:38

On 22 January, French Armed Forces Minister, Florence Parly, reiterated his commitment to augment the General Direction for Armament (DGA) research budget for feasibility studies, from €730 million to one billion a year. The increment, long since lobbied for by the French military technology manufacturers, is directed at consolidating the integration process of new technologies in the armed forces.

Providing more means for faster assimilation of innovative technologies is critical to ensure a competitive edge, and France plans to increase its military spendings to €50 billion by 2025, reaching the NATO 2% threshold. These measures are necessary as France's foreign policy priority is the fight against terrorism, and its armed forces are engaged in missions in Africa and Middle East. In the African region of Sahel, the French have assumed a leading role in the anti-terrorist operations, and recently managed to secure the British involvement, albeit at a smaller scale than they hoped for. In spite of this, France and the UK are engaged in bilateral research and development of missiles, and this cooperation will continue even after London formally leaves the EU, Paris promising that it will lobby for British companies access to EU research and development funds starting with 2021.



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