Foreign fighters are main threat for Kosovo

  • Dominika Jandová
  • 21.11.2017 07:23

In a draft of the  State Strategy Against Terrorism and Action Plan 2018-2022 posted on Friday 10 November, Kosovo's government considers possible attacks by foreign Islamic State (IS) fighters returning from conflicts in the Middle East one of the main threats to its national security. The strategy should be approved at the beginning of next year.

The strategy draft specifies the threat of attacks by members of terrorist organizations through returning foreign fighters, inactive cells, as well as sympathizers and supporters who may be inspired to commit acts of violence. In the context of the Western Balkans' position, it was also mentioned that foreign fighters can use the Balkans to move to Europe along with the migration wave. Since June, when nine Kosovars were charged with planning an attack on a football match in Albania, no Islamist attacks have been reported. According to Soufan Center, approximately 900 people have left the Western Balkans to fight in Syria and Iraq and about 250 of them have returned. Indoctrination by extremist ideologies is also a significant risk and therefore creating a further strategy aimed at combating extremism would be beneficial.

About author: Dominika Jandová


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