FMs of the Visegrad Group endorse Ukraine’s EU membership

The Foreign Ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia expressed their support for the ongoing system reforms and Ukraine’s territorial integrity during their visit to the country on 11 April. They also discussed Kiev’s efforts on integration into the EU with Foreign Minister Klimkin, Prime Minister Groysman and President Poroshenko.

The main topic of discussion, aside from the continuing armed conflict in the country, was Ukraine’s cooperation with the European Union. Ukraine is a member of the Eastern Partnership, a group of countries whose accession to the EU the V4 countries fully support. After the meeting, the ministers expressed their hopes for a quick ratification of Ukraine’s association agreement with the EU (which is so far not ratified by the Netherlands) as well as full visa waiver for all Ukrainian nationals visiting Europe. Expansion of the EU to Eastern Europe could be discussed as soon as 2019. However, Ukraine’s full accession to the EU is viewed negatively by Russia, who is openly against Eastern European countries joining pro-Western organisations.

About author: Nikola Blokešová


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