Finland raises terrorism threat level

  • Elisabeth Gheorghe
  • 20.6.2017 16:06

Finnish Security Intelligence Services (Supo) increased the threat level in Finland from low to elevated on 14 June due to gained knowledge of terrorism-related projects and plans. Fighters who have left to fight alongside the Islamic State, as well as those who have gained noteworthy positions within the organisation, pose a risk, the statement says. Supo Director Antti Pelttari emphasised that while risks exist, services have yet to avert a specific attack.

Finland has not seen any terror attacks, Helsinki’s concerns emerge after events in Russia and Sweden. Last week, Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä threatened to dissolve the government when a coalition partner party, True Finns, elected hardliner Jussi Halla-aho as its leader. As the party split, its more moderate members formed “Blue Reform”. Muslim immigration is relatively new to Finland, as refugees arrived mainly in the 1990s and form 1 % of the population. Roughly 30 % of present arrivals come from Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria. A 2016 Finnish police academy report details the number of reported hate- and racially-motivated crimes rise from 919 in 2011 to 1250 in 2015.

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