Europol unmasks IS-made social media platform

On 3 May, Europol Director Rob Wainwright said they found evidence Islamic State militants were developing their own social media platform. His analysts discovered traces of the platform during last week's crackdown operation on IS and Al Qaeda material, which targeted more than 2,000 "Islamic State"-linked items on 52 social networks and involved officials from the United States, Belgium, Greece, Poland, and Portugal. 

The platform is just the last online strategy used by extremist groups for propaganda and communication. Europol counter-terrorism reaction focuses on greater intelligence cooperation among national authorities and data-sharing, as the organization cannot conduct investigations or arrest suspects. This coordination has produced both results, like the 667 arrests for suspected terrorists activities in 2015, and concerns on citizens' privacy. But Mr. Wainwright is adamant on the connection between Pan-European data-sharing and its level of security. For this reason, he underlined how Brexit should not compromise United Kingdom's membership in the organization. As the threats Europe is facing will not vanish soon, holding together is vital.

About author: Giorgio Sirtori


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