Young people, more women involved in Islamist attacks says Europol

Although the number of jihadist attacks in the EU fell in 2016 compared to previous years, more jihadi terror suspects have been detained, according to a report issued by Europol on Thursday 15 June.

In total, 13 jihadist attacks were reported in the EU, five in France and four in both Germany and Belgium. Six of them are associated with the so-called Islamic State (IS). A total of 718 people were detained in connection with these attacks. This number rose rapidly since 2014. A total of 135 victims died in the attacks.

Women and young adults are increasingly more involved in terrorist attacks. The number of detained women linked to jihadi terror has increased by eight percent since 2015 and nearly one-third of all detainees were under 25 years old. A fairly stable trend is the use of explosives (in 40 % of cases), preferred for their symbolism and high impact.

A total of 142 failed, foiled and completed attacks related to terrorism were reported in the European Union over the past year. 40 % of them were probably at least partly financed through criminal activity, mostly drug trafficking. Although most of the attacks were motivated by separatism, anarchism, or ethnonationalism, the vast majority of the people killed fell victim to jihadi terror.

The report further addresses the propaganda of the Islamic State. You can read the whole report here

About author: Jonáš Vlk


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