Europol calls for intelligence cooperation in fight against terrorism

  • Michaela Ceklová
  • 30.8.2017 12:33

The European Police Office (Europol), as a reaction to the terrorist attack in Barcelona, called for closer cooperation between intelligence services in the fight against terrorism on 28 August.

According to Europol chief Rob Wainwright, the cooperation between European intelligence services and police is key to tackle terrorism. On the other hand, EU Anti-Terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove stated that sufficient resources must be spent on prevention of radicalization, education, and integration. Local authorities, in particular, should excel at these actions. The issue of prevention is the main problem since it is not possible to actually control the degree of radicalization of the young population, nor is it possible to reach a level, at which any terrorist attack can be avoided. That is why Europol introduced a new project linking the international criminal databases to monitor persons related to terrorist activity. This project would clearly facilitate the transfer of information between security forces and intelligence services which is, according to Wainwright, currently insufficient.

About author: Michaela Ceklová


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