European Union is strengthening internal military cooperation

  • Nikola Blokešová
  • 5.3.2017 08:20

Foreign and defence ministers from all the EU countries will meet on Monday, 6 March, to discuss the creation of a new joint command centre for non-executive military missions. The centre will start working this spring and will oversee EU’s current training missions, while in the future it could also conduct monitoring or disarmament missions. 

This strengthening of military capabilities of the European Union shows the block’s worries over a possible weakening of the U.S. and NATO influence in Europe.  This February, for example, German chancellor Merkel stressed the importance of cooperation between European countries not only within NATO but also the EU, and Germany has already started strengthening and improving its military cooperation with France and the Netherlands. However, creating this EU permanent joint centre is largely symbolic so far, because it will only conduct cooperation on support and advisory missions. Yet, according to some French diplomats, this step can lead to more military cooperation and even the creation of a permanent joint military headquarters.

About author: Nikola Blokešová


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