European Parliament agrees to limit exports of spyware technologies

  • Roman Šulc
  • 25.1.2018 07:14

On 17 January, the European Parliament endorsed a proposal for tougher rules for the export of dual-use technologies including cyber-surveillance tools. This category will also encompass hardware and software used for telecommunication interception, computer intrusion and monitoring, encryption de-codification, hard drive recovery, biometric data analysis, and identification of internet users. The proposal is based on the grounds of violations of human rights and the freedom of expression, for which said technologies are used in repressive countries.

The export of internet and cellular surveillance tools and intrusion software has been regulated at European level since 2014 when it was first grouped together with other products usable both for civilian and military purposes. However, the vague formulation and inconsistent approach by member states have limited its actual observance so far. These shortcomings should be eliminated by the application of the newly proposed assessment criteria and significant linkage with the concept of human rights.

About author: Roman Šulc


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