Europe confirms its efforts to stop migration from North Africa

On Thursday 9 March, the European Council reiterated their commitment and support to Libyan authorities as well as their North African and southern neighbours in the efforts to address illegal migration. The EU outlined a program, which includes training for the Tripoli government's coastal guard as well as funds to improve refugee conditions in the country, in February 2016.

Other parts of the program are the repatriation of immigrants to their native countries, surveillance of Libyan borders and measures against smuggling. Since the beginning of 2017, nearly 13,500 immigrants crossed the Mediterranean sea to reach Italian shores. From April to October 2016, 180,000 refugees arrived overwhelming the capacity of Italian migrant camps. The European Council fears that arrivals this year could exceed last years numbers. Political instability, violence and chaos in Libya have prevented the implementation of measures tackle this growing migration. The EU diplomats agreed that political stability is the precursor to any successful steps.

About author: Matteo Latorraca


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