Germany, Romania, Czech Republic deepen defence ties

  • Elisabeth Gheorghe
  • 27.5.2017 13:05

Germany is silently building an army, by integrating the armed forces of their European allies – the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Romania – under Bundeswehr Command, Foreign Policy wrote on 22 May. Known as the Framework Nations Concept, the initiative is a Berlin-coordinated ‘network of European mini-armies, the magazine argues, intends to address weaknesses within the German military.  

The Framework Nations Concept, however, is a NATO programme that is designed for NATO members to deepen defence ties via collaboration, in order to become more efficient and deployable within NATO under a cost-efficient umbrella. Streamlining e.g. education and resilience to a set standard entails a modernisation project for some members. In February, Defence Ministers from Germany, Romania, and the Czech Republic announced their partnership to begin starting this year - akin to the Franco-German Brigade and German-Dutch Corps, members share command. Many European states indicate willingness for cooperation, as mirrored in the EU army debate, and rising defence budgets amid mounting tensions with Russia, and ongoing and future security challenges.

About author: Elisabeth Gheorghe


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