EU cannot build its defence capabilities without US

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 11.12.2017 14:08

On Monday 4 December, European Defence Agency (EDA) Director Jorge Domecq pointed out at the European Defence Industry Summit that strengthening European defence capabilities should not result in gradual isolation from foreign partners such as the US.

Although the EU's objective is to build an independent competitive defence industry, transatlantic bilateral relations and the strong position of US arms companies could hinder the proccess.  Domecq spoke mainly about the research into cyber-threats where long-term cooperation and exchange of experience across the Atlantic is more than vital. Sharing of technologies and know-how in the area of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's), avionics and aircraft armaments, where the US is particularly strong, is also essential. Regarding the PESCO initiative, although a purely EU instrument, the European logistic hub project submitted by Germany is offering an opportunity to use the US' know-how for the creation of its own system. This comes mainly from the complex logistic system of dozens of military bases operated by the US in Germany and Italy. Years of experience of working together within NATO will also help PESCO projects.

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