EU unveils plan on Syria reconstruction

On 14 March, the EU unveiled a plan to support the reconstruction of Syria, one day before the war’s sixth anniversary. The High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, mentioned the plan as a dividend to encourage peace amongst the warring parties.

Under the plan, the EU could help with reconstructing infrastructure, supporting a new draft constitution, organising elections, helping with organising elections, security, demining, monitoring the ceasefire and restoring basic services in an effort to show that peace provides real benefits. Mogherini has pushed the EU to play a leading role in post-conflict Syria to prevent the mistakes made in Libya and Iraq where the international community gave minimal post-conflict support. She added that the EU would be ready to act once a genuine political transition from Syrian President Bashir al-Assad’s rule is underway. This transition, however, is challenged by Russia and Iran’s support of Assad’s regime.

About author: Ashleigh Templeton


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