EU is discussing tougher sanctions on North Korea in Tallinn

  • Jakub Maděránek
  • 7.9.2017 17:55

The EU's foreign and defence ministers are discussing further sanctions against North Korea on 7 September in Tallinn, Estonia. The negotiations follow a statement by Germany, France, and Italy on Sunday 3 September, which said that North Korea's nuclear test violates international law and they appealed to the EU and the UN Security Council to introduce new sanctions and tougher measures against North Korea.

On 3 September, Pyongyang carried out its sixth nuclear test, which triggered a 6.3-magnitude earthquake and was supposedly ten times stronger than the last test. According to the local authorities, it was a hydrogen bomb which can be deployed on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Experts, however, are sceptical about the alleged technical success. Overall, the test is a further provocation by the DPRK following two ICBM tests and a missile launch over Japan on 29 August. In response, Britain agreed to closer security cooperation with Japan in the form of joint military exercises. The EU will coordinate its next steps together with the UN Security Council.

About author: Jakub Maděránek


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