EU intends to increase renewable energy share

  • Michaela Ceklová
  • 7.9.2017 17:32

The European Parliament's (EP) Energy Commission confirmed on 4 August that it is calling for more ambitious targets on renewable energy.

At present, the share of renewable energy is at 20 % by 2020, with each member state having legally binding targets at the national level. By 2030, up to 27 % of energy should be generated from renewable sources, with the EP's Energy Commission criticising the fact that the European Commission (EC) did not set a threshold for national states by 2030, and therefore a 27% share for the EU as a whole does not seem ambitious enough. European long-term support for renewables is linked to the fight against global warming and environmental issues; on the other hand, there is a large proportion of member states who use coal-powered plants for their production of electricity, namely Poland. One of the unfavourable side effects of switching to renewable energy sources is the gradual increase in electricity prices for the end customer which is currently an issue in Croatia, who increased incentive fees for producers of electricity from renewable sources in an attempt to increase the share of clean energy, resulting in an increase of about 3 euros in monthly electricity charges.

About author: Michaela Ceklová


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