EU to expand aid for refugees in Greece

  • Tomáš Krajňák
  • 31.7.2017 11:43

On 27 July, the European Commission decided to double its emergency aid for Greece, which will provide another €209 million to help refugees. The scheme involves the acquisition of 24,000 homes to rent for refugees, as well as providing them with a payment card to help pay for basic needs such as food, healthcare and public transportation.

Although around 11,000 migrants have crossed to Greece from Turkey this year, which is just a fraction in comparison to previous years, a steady flow continues to weigh on the overwhelmed facilities. The Commission hopes that the new project will get refugees out of the camps into everyday accommodation. In contrast, the EU's Court of Justice ruled this week that Croatia broke EU's Dublin regulations by allowing migrants to cross over to Slovenia and Austria without first examining their asylum claims. This decision could complicate the situation in the EU's border states, as it creates a precedent that the law requiring to seek asylum in the first country of arrival applies even in exceptional circumstances. Moreover, the migration quota system is still not fully working, however, an advocate general for the Court of Justice suggested rejecting the case against migration quotas by Hungary and Slovakia and judges tend to follow their advisers' opinions.

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