EC proposes EU military Schengen plan

  • Mihai Turcanu
  • 13.11.2017 16:39

On Friday 10 November, the European Commission (EC) introduced a roadmap designed to ensure a smoother military transport of troops and hardware across the bloc. The plan envisages the removal of physical, legal and regulatory barriers having not only disruptive and financially negative effects, but also generating security vulnerabilities.

The initiative should be regarded as part of the efforts to set up the European defence union and is complementary to the defence integration actions to be undertaken under PESCO, initiated on 13 November. The EC stressed that the adopted roadmap will further strengthen EU’s military mobility in cooperation with NATO, just as the Alliance announced its own plans for the creation of a new European HQ to help improve the mobility of military equipment and personnel in the event of a conflict. Among mobility issues is communication between civilian airports and military aircraft, different rules on the length of military convoys or overall slow cross-border movement. The initiatives listed above are part of the efforts to bolster EU’s defence capabilities confronted with the threats on the Southern and Eastern borders and along with the EU Global Strategy to achieve strategic autonomy.

About author: Mihai Turcanu


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