EU agrees on joint military defence fund

  • Liis Einstein
  • 1.6.2017 14:14

On 18 May, EU defence ministers agreed in Brussels on the establishment of the Cooperative Financial Mechanism (CFM) - a fund for joint military projects. After Brexit has eliminated one of the main opponents of any joint European military structures, other member states seem to move towards closer EU defence integration.

At least 19 EU member countries including France, Germany, Italy and Spain will start talks next month to form a joint military defence fund which is expected to commence upcoming year. The CFM is promoted by France and Germany to advance defence cooperation and help overcome the budgetary differences. The objective of the CFM is to finance joint military projects and development of defence technology. According to the EU officials, the amount of money in the fund has yet to be set and member states will contribute to the fund on a voluntary basis. The European Commission is discussing the CFM with member states and European Parliament Members to raise support. The CFM requires reaching the limits of EU laws as the EU's budget cannot be applied to finance all military operations. At the meeting of national defence ministers “permanent structured cooperation” was also discussed, which allows moving towards closer military integration without the consensus of all member states.


About author: Liis Einstein


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