EU court rejects migrant quota objections by Hungary and Slovakia

  • Dominika Jandová
  • 6.9.2017 17:34

On Wednesday 6 September, The Court of Justice of the European Union rejected the complaints by Hungary and Slovakia about the Union's system for redistributing asylum seekers by using quotas. The decision to adopt quotas did not have to be made unanimously, according to the court, therefore both of the countries were obligated to accept migrants according to the rules of the mechanism.

The mechanism, adopted in September 2015, assumed that EU member states would redistribute a total of 120,000 refugees who arrived in Italy and Greece among them. Not only Slovakia and Hungary were against the mechanism then, the Czech Republic and Romania disagreed as well. The quota mechanism ends later this month and just under 28,000 migrants were relocated. According to the court, it was not successful due to several factors, especially the lack of cooperation by some member states. Italy is currently experiencing an extreme decline in the migration flow from Africa; Greece, on the contrary, reported the biggest monthly influx since the EU signed migration agreement with Turkey during August. Hungary has not yet accepted a single asylum seeker and continues to take further measures on migration. Due to a breach of the refugee quotas, the European Commission started legal proceedings with the states, and ultimately they face high fines.

About author: Dominika Jandová


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