EU aims to curb migration by financially supporting Libyan coastguard

  • Tomáš Hošek
  • 6.7.2017 08:36

The French, German and Italian Interior Ministers, together with the Commissioner for Migration, Dmitris Avramopoulos, discussed a coordinated response to the escalating influx of migrants arriving in Italy, which would be based in bolstering training and funding for Libya's coastguard and relocating asylum seekers more swiftly, on 2 July in Paris. 

The talks took place ahead of Thursday’s EU ministerial meeting in Tallinn and only a few hours after Italy’s call on other EU seaside countries to open their ports to rescue ships operating in the Mediterranean. While this request was not directly addressed at the meeting, the EC said it would present a set of measures aiming at strengthening Libya’s southern border. Italy’s Interior Minister, Marco Minniti, also suggested the asylum application process should be shifted from Italy to hotspots in Libya. Such measure has, however, already been dismissed by the Libyan Prime Minister, Fayez al-Sarraj, who would prefer Europe to provide his country with sufficient financial resources to secure Libyan borders. With Italian parliamentary elections on the way and a number of nationalist and Eurosceptic parties expected to profit from the current situation, the migration crisis thus seems to once again come alive.

About author: Tomáš Hošek


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