EU looks to establish joint military force

  • Jonáš Vlk
  • 28.6.2017 16:14

On Thursday 22 June, European leaders agreed to step up defence cooperation, which might potentially lead to the establishment of a joint EU military force.

The crucial step is the decision to activate permanent structured cooperation (PESCO), which allows member countries to develop a comprehensive defence strategy without jeopardising the EU's cohesiveness. In three months, specific proposals for the program structure should be known and assessed, after which other EU countries will be able to join the program. The launch of PESCO, initiated by Germany, France, Italy and Spain, has been discussed before but not implemented due to London's opposition. With Britain leaving the EU, the plans can now resume. A defence fund has also been approved to fund research and increase defence capabilities, such as the purchase of armed vehicles, UAVs or other military equipment, with the purchased equipment remaining the property of individual states. By 2021 the fund could reach 5.5 billion euros. The upcoming changes should also affect the EU Battle Groups, in the future their cost of deployment should be carried jointly by the EU countries using the Athena Mechanism.



About author: Jonáš Vlk


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