EU continues to back Iran deal as US presents its Plan B

  • Petr Boháček
  • 22.5.2018 08:49

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini extended the EU support for the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) on 21 May, after new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo presented 12 conditions upon which the United States would drop all sanctions, allow Iran access high-end technology, restore full diplomatic relations and trade.

Among the 12 conditions that from the beginning had no chance of being accepted, the US demanded Iran to stop all plutonium enriching (guaranteed to NFT signatories), access to military installations, halting ballistic defence programme and support to militant groups in the region or an increased access to IAEA inspectors. European leaders greenlighted the European Commission to apply the blocking statue to protect EU businesses dealing with Iran from secondary US sanctions and develop investment options for Tehran through euro-dominated tools and the European Investment Bank. Since the presented Plan B is widely deemed as unacceptable, it is unclear what the next steps are for the US administration. Washington by itself is unlikely to create a significant pressure through sanctions to force Iran to more concessions, especially without its allies or any support from the international community. However, both Pompeo and the National Security Advisors are both long-time supporters for a regime change in Tehran. Meanwhile, Europe and the US find themselves at opposing ends of their foreign policy interests. 

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