EU invests to Cypriot energy infrastructure

  • Michaela Ceklová
  • 30.4.2017 18:13

On 24 April the EU confirmed the proposal to invest 22 million euros in energy infrastructure, the most significant project being „CYnergy“, which aims to boost Cypriot capabilities. The project mainly focuses on the construction of a first natural gas distribution system, also linked to the development of LNG terminals.

Cyprus, like other southern states of the EU, suffers from a lack of energy infrastructure. Yet, the gas field Aphrodite was discovered here in 2011 with circa 196 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Cyprus plans to start exporting the Aphrodite gas by 2019, which is problematic due to insufficient energy infrastructure, therefore the gas cannot be even used to cover domestic demand. If Cyprus wants to use natural gas to meet the domestic demand, it will have to build a gas pipeline and other power or industrial plants. If the gas is used as an export article, it will become necessary to build an LNG gas terminal used for transport to Southern and Southeastern Europe. The least expensive option is building a pipeline linking the Aphrodite gas field to the Egyptian LNG terminal Idku.

About author: Michaela Ceklová


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