EU Trust Fund for Africa running out of money, criticised for opacity

  • Dominika Jandová
  • 2.11.2017 07:40

In its next report, Oxfam will call on the European Commission to be more transparent in the funding of the Trust Fund for Africa, the Guardian reported on 31 October. During the EU summit in Brussels, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned that this fund aimed to restrict migration has already reached its limits in the EU's budget and more co-financing by the Member States is needed.

Oxfam is concerned that the lack of clarity surrounding project funding might mean that funding is being channelled to border management at the expense of money for development or poverty reduction projects. A preliminary analysis by the Guardian and Oxfam says almost one-quarter of the fund was used for security along the Mali-Niger-Burkina Faso border from the total of €2.9 billion released by the Commission. Although the migratory flow across the Mediterranean to Italy has declined sharply, the number of migrants crossing the central Mediterranean was even higher in September than in the previous month due to an increase of migrants from Turkey, Tunisia and Algeria. The migration crisis itself has now mostly moved to Libya. However, the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) does not have sufficient capabilities to control borders or combat migration and smuggling and, according to reports, uses the services of local militias and armed groups, which creates power struggles between the individual groups, in particular around Sabratha.

About author: Dominika Jandová


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