EU Council on Foreign Affairs discusses situation in Libya and Iraq

  • Michaela Ceklová
  • 28.1.2018 07:27

At the EU Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) on January 22, Ministers supported a peace plan for Libya, which was approved by the UN Security Council, whose main goal is the legislative provision of the parliamentary and presidential elections in Libya and the subsequent adoption of a new constitution. Ministers for Foreign Affairs also agreed on AU-EU-UN migration cooperation, so that a satisfactory solution to the migration crisis in Libya can be found.

In connection with the creation of a new EU Strategy for Iraq, Ministers addressed the Council conclusions, which confirmed strong partnerships with the country. The new EU Strategy for Iraq backs up preserving the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, as well as diversity regarding religious and ethical issues, alongside promoting a strong democratic governance system. The Strategy also supports opening a dialogue on the return policy of Iraqi migrants to the country. The need for a new EU Strategy for Iraq is due in particular to the recent Iraqi events related to the defeat of the Islamic State (IS) on its territory and the need to reconstruct the country. The FAC was also deeply interested in the strained relations between Israel and Palestine and further discussed the proposal to create a European Development Bank that would support activities in favour of development cooperation and the improvement of the EU's economic relations with partner countries.

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