EU members and EP agree to reduce emissions in sectors outside EU ETS

  • Michaela Ceklová
  • 25.12.2017 17:23

The EU member states and the European Parliament (EP) have agreed to reduce emissions by 30 % in the transport, building, waste, and agriculture sectors by 2030. These are all sectors not covered by the EU emission trading system (ETS).

The agreement is a part of the Juncker Commission's effort to reduce total EU emissions by 40 % by 2030. Together with this agreement, the Commission has negotiated a revision of the EU ETS for large industrial concerns and power plants. For Juncker's Commission, this is a success indicating that the legal framework of EU climate policy is being implemented. Moreover, together with the agreed consensus between member states on the three decisive laws - on the common electricity market, on renewable energies and on governance, is it clear that the project of energy union is slowly being shaped. Tracking of emission reductions for areas outside of the EU ETS will start in June 2019, with the EP originally calling for its launch in 2018. Despite significant EU efforts, it seems unlikely the global objectives of the Paris agreement will be met.

About author: Michaela Ceklová


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