EU to build cyber centres for research and development

On 20 November, EU's General Affairs Council adopted conclusions calling for the strengthening of European cybersecurity and resilience, including the establishment of a network of cybersecurity competence centres across the Union. The locations and number of the centres, dedicated among other things to the research into cryptographic technologies, are not yet known. According to the Commission's plan, the headquarters should cooperate with other EU bodies, including ENISA and Europol.

The Council's conclusions confirmed the EU's intent to continue conducting cyber exercises at the European level, following the experience of this year's EU CYBRID 2017. It also affirmed the initiative to strengthen the position of the ENISA agency, which should now focus on building closer cooperation between member states, as well as other actions initially put forward by the EU's cyber strategy. The adopted conclusions also emphasised the fight against cybercrime, taking into account the previously acknowledged importance of maintaining strong encryption that plays a crucial role in ensuring the security of IT products and services, and building trust in the Digital Single Market.

About author: Roman Šulc


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