EU court rules that Poland has failed to meet air pollution standards

  • Allison Bushue
  • 28.2.2018 13:12

On 22 February, the European Court of Justice determined Poland has continuously exceeded emission requirements. Warsaw faces fines if they fail to take measures to comply with the EU standards.

Poland’s air quality is affected by heavy smog, which is partially caused by inefficient stoves and a dependency on coal-fired power plants for electricity. The pollution levels have become a serious cause of concern for public health, prompting a majority of Poles to favour stricter anti-smog laws and Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to declare a reduction in air pollution as a high priority. The relationship between Poland and the EU has been tense following disputes over Polish judicial reforms, and the ruling comes shortly after Poland was charged with infringing on EU law for logging in the Białowieża forest. While Poland is dependent on fossil fuels, steps have been taken to move away from coal-fired plants in the future and towards the use of nuclear power, which demonstrates an interest in cooperation and a step forward in reducing emissions EU-wide.

About author: Allison Bushue


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