EU cuts development aid despite pledges to address security, migration

  • Martin Macq
  • 22.11.2017 15:09

The European Parliament and the European Council agreed on 18 November on the necessity to strengthen security and migration policies while cutting global development aid, as the EU 2018 budget shows. That reflects the will to curb migration into the EU and to face security challenges posed by terrorism and the Russian threat. 

EU negotiators agreed to spend €160.1 billion in 2018, what represents an increase of €2.2 billion comparing to 2017. The 6% cut in long-term development aid is strongly criticised by NGOs saying the EU is not improving security and stability. The EU is the world's leading donor of development aid. Concerning security as well as migration, the EU will spend €4.1 billion in 2018 and a total of €22 billion in 2015-2018. The EU decided to cut funds destined to Turkey for managing the migration flux, citing concerns about democracy and human rights in the country. Yet, such decision might certainly lead to a complexification of the migration management in the following year. Migration was difficult to discuss without Germany that remains without a government after coalition talks led by Chancellor Angela Merkel failed on 19 November. Even though security and migration remain important, nearly a half of the budget will go in boosting economic growth and creating jobs.

About author: Martin Macq


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