Estonia detains suspected FSB agent on cyber plot charges

Last week, the Internal Security Service of Estonia detained an individual working for the FSB, according to a Baltic Times report  from 7 November. The man was charged with nonviolent offense against the state, as well as with the intent of committing a cybercrime against Estonian state institutions.

This was the fourth man arrested since October 2015 on similar charges of working for the Russian secret services. Starting with 2014, Kremlin ramped up the pressure on the Baltics which, due to their ethic composition and geographical proximity, have been a constant target of Russian information warfare tactics. The pressure has also manifested through dangerous aircraft encounters in the Baltic airspace and simulated attacks during Russian military drills. The Baltic states have asked for and received NATO air-policing support and reinforcements, although the US have still not agreed to their request for deployment of the Patriot system. The long history of Russian cyber warfare against Estonia, which started in the context of the Bronze Night events of 2007, compelled Estonians to adapt and build one of the most efficient cyberdefences in the world.

About author: Mihai Turcanu


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