Estonia proposes new refugee relocation plan to the EU

On Wednesday 29 November, Estonia, who is currently presiding over the EU, presented a new proposal on the relocation of immigrants, a compromise that allows EU members to share responsibility for immigration and support border countries without being forced to accept refugees.

The proposal comes after the quota system for refugee relocation failed due to the reluctance of some states to accept refugees. Under the new concept, the entry states will still be responsible for migrants but once the number of asylum seekers reaches a given limit, derived for example from the state's population and financial resources, other EU states will be obliged to offer assistance. This will not solely include the admission of refugees or financial aid, but also providing material or personnel assistance. Refugee relocation should only be conducted on voluntary basis. The proposal thus offers a compromise to Eastern European countries who have expressed their willingness to help by other means instead of accepting refugees, while at the same time addressing the issue of illegal immigration in the most affected states such as Italy or Greece.

About author: Jonáš Vlk


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