ESJ Insight: On the US Military Involvement in Europe with Dr. Richard Andres

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The United States inaugurated a new president – Joe Biden. What can we expect from him in terms of his foreign policy? Will he be Obama-style internationalist or Trump-style isolationist? How is he going to tackle the issue of NATO defence spending, withdrawal of US troops from Europe, arms control or Russia? All while the EU starts to eye a creation of its own army. 

Dr. Richard Andres is a Professor of National Security Strategy at the U.S. National War College. He has served as a personal consultant on strategy to the Director of the National Security Agency-U.S. Cyber Command; the Secretary of the Air Force; the Commandant of the Marine Corps and other national leaders. He has led strategy development teams for the Bush and Obama White Houses.

The interview was recorded on 10.12.2020.

"During the Obama administration, Obama made some very serious foreign policy errors. The deal that we made with Iran was not a very good deal if the objective was to slow down Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. Our strategy in Afghanistan was not very effective. Our help to NATO during the war in Libya was one of the worst foreign policy blunders in modern history. Perhaps the worst foreign policy blunder since the end of the Cold War was our activity in Syria. And all of those were created by the president trying to do good who had no foreign policy experience yet. Almost every single one of those Biden objected to as vice president. He was on the other side of the issue. Of the great foreign policy blunders the United States made over the last administration Biden was on the right side, on the strategy side, on the side that would have made things better in each case. I think his instincts are very strong in foreign policy. I have hopes that he is gonna make good decisions."

Dr. Richard Andres, Professor at the U.S. National War College

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