ESJ Insight: On the Global Implication of the New Biden Administration with Petr Boháček

ESJ Insight brings you an insider’s perspective on current security issues. Join us to discover more about the threats and challenges facing Europe today and tomorrow.

The new Biden administration in the United States means a sharp change in policy, both domestically for the US and internationally. This means that Europe should be prepared for changes in the international system.

Petr Boháček of the Association for International Affairs, and research fellow at Charles University joins us to discuss what these changes will look like for international organizations, and for military and political relations across the Atlantic. Additionally, we have the opportunity to discuss rising populism and how Trump’s influence carried around the world.

I always like to say that Donald Trump was definitely not the American president Europe wanted. He was probably the president Europe needed. It gave a big shock. It gave a big disbelief to many European partners and forced the realization that Europe just cannot keep on relying on the United States in all of the security they have."

Petr Boháček, Research Fellow at Association for International Affairs (AMO)

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