European Commission’s CVM reports criticise Romania and Bulgaria

  • Mihai Turcanu
  • 16.11.2017 21:53

On 15 November, the European Commission (EC) issued its Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) reports concerning Romania and Bulgaria’s judicial reforms and fight against corruption. The reports' tone was ambivalent and chided the countries for stalling the momentum praised in a previous report from this January, yet underlined the favourable premises for the CVM to conclude its activity before the current Commission's mandate ends in 2019.

Romania and Bulgaria’s admission into the Schengen Area depends on these EC reports, as a number of EU countries are blocking their accession on the account of corruption and judicial problems, which the CVM has been monitoring since 2007. These latest reports highlight the EC’s opinion on the judiciary changes attempted by both countries this year, which have also triggered political crises and mass protests. Bulgaria received this news just as it is preparing to take over the EU presidency on 1 January 2018, while the Romanian president placed the responsibility for the situation on the government coalition formed by Social Democrats (PSD) and Liberal Democrats (ALDE), and promised to use his constitutional powers to ensure the independence of the judiciary and functionality of the rule of law.

About author: Mihai Turcanu


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