EC moves to exclude Britain from Galileo project

  • Mihai Turcanu
  • 29.3.2018 12:36

On 26 March, it became known that the European Commission (EC) announced that Britain's role in the Galileo global navigation satellite system will have to be ''readjusted'', citing possible security risks stemming from sharing the system with the UK due to Brexit.

It is yet not known what the readjustment should amount to in EC's understanding, however, reports indicate that British companies would be forbidden from bidding on future contracts for the system which is due to become fully operational in 2020, and UK's army will be barred from using the navigation data. The security concerns remark has raised eyebrows in the UK, which financially is NATO's second largest contributor to the collective Euro-Atlantic security, and provided 15% of the current funding for the EU Galileo project. Britain's Defence Secretary urged EC ''not to play politics", warning that such a move would be highly detrimental to the European security. It is not clear whether, in this regard, the EC has the support of member-states, or other EU bodies, such as the European Council. 

About author: Mihai Turcanu


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