Russian hackers leak football doping data

  • Mirka Pavlíková
  • 29.8.2017 13:40

On Wednesday 23 August, the Fancy Bear hacker group leaked information gained from the cyber attack on FIFA about football players who used illegal substances. The campaign dubbed “OpOlympics” points at doping by more than hundred unnamed soccer players, including from Great Britain or Germany. 

The group has leaked doping data before. Several months ago, doping reports about Western athletes were made public. The incident appeared after the scandal concerning the Russian athletic team’s doping, which led to them being banned from participating in World Athletics Championship. The World Anti-Doping Agency describes the attack as a clear violation of sportsman’s rights. The hacker group claims it is connected to the Anonymous activist movement. However, it is believed that group has ties to the Russian government and was involved in cyber-espionage activities mostly against Ukraine and EU countries.

About author: Mirka Pavlíková


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