Transatlantic Asymmetry and European Weakness

There is no need to rehash the long list of developments that have undermined European security in…

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First Step Towards EU Army: Member States Must Buy EU Military Equipment

It is said that the establishment of an EU army is now more a question of ‘when’ and ‘how’ and no…

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Fort Trump: Poland is lobbying the White House for a new US base

The American Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis met with his Polish counterpart to discuss the…

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Why a True European Army Is Coming

French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent call for the creation of a ‘true European army’, echoed…

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Between war and peace: A special unit is protecting civilians from the rage of war

In the second instalment of our series of reports from Eastern Ukraine, we joined a special unit…

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Spending your vacation armed in the trenches: the reality of eastern Ukraine

Packing up a rifle and a camo suit and spending your vacation time on the battlefront. This is the…

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Poland is working towards a permanent US military presence on its territory

Poland's push for a massive, division-level, US military presence on its territory illustrates its…

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EU to boost European defence industry but national view remains dominant

The European Parliament reached an agreement on 22 May with the Bulgarian Council presidency on the…

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