V4 countries agree on closer cooperation in military geography

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 26.7.2017 23:51

The countries of the Visegrad Group, except Hungary, attended a Chiefs of Military Geographical Services meeting on 19 – 20 July in Prague. The main topic of the meeting was possible cooperation in imagery intelligence (IMINT) training, and the states agreed on the necessity of more coordination in this area.

The participants presented their own national approaches to IMINT and military geography, as well as its implementation in the armed forces. Poland also informed about the progress in building its own IMINT unit and centre to improve capabilities. Aside from the meeting, Czech Republic's government approved a contract for €353 million to deliver 62 Titus 6x6 and Iveco 4x4 armoured vehicles to the Czech army. Titus vehicles, produced by local Tatra company and French Nexter, can also be exported to other countries, possibly the rest of the V4. Czech VOP CZ company previously signed a deal with United Arab Emirates' NIMR Automotive on 20 February to distribute and produce NIMR 4x4 armoured vehicles to V4 countries. Slovakia plans to choose a supplier for 404 4v4 armoured vehicles by the end of the year, but no information about NIMR competing for this contract has been revealed so far.

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